Thoughts of a Golden Fox

by Charles David Rushbrook

Illustrations by Beverly Dyer


Come and meet us!

Cover Fox Enhanced 72 dpi          Golden Fox Squirrel 72 dpi

Mother Fox                                            Bushy-Tail

Golden Fox Deer Fawn 72 dpi

Brother Deer


“Sometimes, my kits and I sit together at night in the light of the Moon. Her light is so soft, quiet and nurturing to us. It is full of love. We can tell her everything, and she comforts us. She listens to our hearts. In her light, everything becomes still, even our minds, and we just sit in the silence without thinking anything–we become so peaceful….”                                                 

—-Excerpt from Thoughts of a Golden Fox.

Thoughts of a Golden Fox, by Charles David Rushbrook, illustrated by Beverly Dyer, is a delightful book for older children (9+) and even for grown-ups. The story is told from the viewpoint of a mother Golden Fox, which, according to the book’s short and gentle-hearted Glossary, is “…a magical, and rarely seen, species of fox with unbelievably beautiful golden coats. They are noted for their kindness, gentleness and desire for peace among all living beings.” The book has chapters entitled “Colors of a Golden Fox; Autumn; Kits; Light of the Moon; Being Born; Worries; Happiness; Spirits; Fox and Human; Mother Nature; Bushy-Tail; Brother Deer; Fondness; Shared Thoughts; and Love.” In the course of the story, the mother fox shares her thoughts and her heart with the reader, in a sweetly innocent and deeply-wise voice. It may be said that the key concept of the book is love, as it is manifested in all of nature and in all beings, and compassion and caring for others, including the environment.

Readers’ Comments

“Thank you SO much for…your book! It is delightful to read and ponder simple, yet profound truths. The illustrations are also so beautiful. I will share my copy with others at work and little by little this earth will feel a gentleness again as the pages of your book are turned.”     P.S., Chapel Hill, NC

“I just read Thoughts of a Golden Fox again and I want you to know how much  it touched me.  Your expression of love and beauty needs to be deeply absorbed by every child (and adult too!)… Thank you again.”      V.Y., Chapel Hill, NC


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